3 Ways to Level Up Your Daycare and Stand Out In The Market

With the staggering number of children that live in this modern era, across all countries, and across all demographics, it has become increasingly difficult for parents to find suitable childcare centers.

That may not seem like a complex problem to solve, but given all the daycare centers that have arisen over the years -- and the growing competition -- it is easy to understand why this might be the case for parents. In the past, searching for a daycare was quite different.

Parents would generally go to the daycare center closest to their home or the one they heard about through the grapevine.

That may still be true, although today, more daycare centers are vying for parents' business than there were in the past. Even in this age of search engines, parents still struggle to find a daycare center that fits their needs.

Fortunately, by following the tips here, you can increase your daycare center's chances of standing out in the marketplace.

Finding the Right Daycare: a Parent's Point of View

Many people like you want to answer the question, "How to make your daycare stand out." But to answer that, you need to look through the eyes of a parent searching for a daycare.

For one thing, parents know that not all childcare centers are the same.

Second, they know that it's not all about fun activities and extraordinary learning opportunities. Parents want to see how you interact with their children. They want to know if their children can form a close relationship with the teachers at your facility.

That helps them narrow their search to a daycare provider that caters to their needs. And even then, many daycares claim to do the same things parents want.

To narrow down the many options, parents also rely on word-of-mouth. For example, they know that their friends' kids went to one daycare center, and their kids turned out great. That influences their decision-making.

Once you see things from a parent's point of view, you'll have an easier time uncovering how to attract parents (potential customers) to your daycare business.

What Do Daycares Need the Most?

Your Daycare Environment

Your daycare needs to ensure that its space is comfortable for the children and parents. Since children spend a lot of time at daycare facilities, you'll want to make sure it's peaceful, colourful, and fun.

Your daycare environment is one of the most critical factors parents consider when choosing the right provider. When you provide an environment where children feel safe and secure, both children and parents enjoy spending time at your daycare center.

Your daycare should not only be a safe place for children physically, but it's good to take note of the emotional aspects as well. For example, how does your daycare environment help children deal with stressful situations?

If you regularly observe children in your daycare showing signs of stress, consider making some changes to improve the environment. For example, you might rearrange the furniture to create more space for movement or install sensory elements like swings or slides. Ask parents about the information they're looking for when choosing a daycare.

If there's anything you can improve on your daycare's premises, make sure to do so. 

For example, if your daycare does not have a playground, be sure to add it. We cannot overstate the benefits of a play area at daycare. When parents arrive at your daycare, the first thing that they will want to see is its playground. Thus, the playground should be clean and organized, and you should design it according to industry best practices.

Safety and Cleanliness Are a Must

Your environment may be one of the top factors on the list of parent concerns. But safety and cleanliness easily top that list. These are two of the most important things that a parent wants to know before enrolling their child in daycare. As the daycare center owner, you should ensure that your environment is safe and clean, especially for a young child.

Follow these suggestions:

  1. Keep your exit and entrance points secure. No one should wander off your facility without your knowledge. Depending on the type of doors you use, only give parents and your staff access to the code. And change it often.
  2. Be sure to keep your windows fastened. Doing so prevents children from getting out of the facility and keeps them from getting hurt.
  3. It's a good idea to gate your stairwells.
  4. Washing hands. Encourage parents to wash their hands before they enter the daycare. Children should also wash their hands before entering and after playing or eating.
  5. Disinfect any toys, furniture, or surfaces children often use. Create a schedule to disinfect to ensure you always do it.
  6. Children may have allergies. Prepare procedures to prevent them from coming into contact with harmful allergens.

Taking the time to ensure your daycare is safe and clean will help parents feel more comfortable enrolling their children.

How Can I Make My Daycare Unique?

Craft a Story for Your Daycare Center

Children love stories. You can create an account about you and your center, including a description of your services and what makes you unique. That can help bring more parents to your daycare.

Take a piece of paper and sit down to write out your story. Include details about your center's history, what you do, and how you help kids grow. 

Consider what makes you stand out from the rest. For example, maybe you offer a unique program or run events. Don't forget to feature your pricing, hours of operation, amenities, and local history, as well.

Once you have written your story, read it over a few times. Ask a friend or two to read it as well.

When crafting your story, put yourself in a parent's shoes. These questions can help:

  1. Would a parent pick [insert your daycare] over your competitor? Why?
  2. How do your unique features and quality care compare to your competitors?
  3. Can you tell me about some of the benefits your daycare offers that parents can't get anywhere else?
  4. What makes your daycare special? Do you have positive reviews from happy parents?
  5. What would you like parents to know you for?

Make sure you've done your research. Draw from your experiences in your daycare. Also, be creative. For example, you may decide to speak to parents in the language they're most comfortable with using. Or perhaps you can hire a professional writer to craft your daycare's story.

Once you have your story, make sure it's concise and easy for parents to understand. Then start sharing it.

Standing out in the market is essential. The more competitive and appealing your daycare is, the better your chances are of winning over parents.