Daycare & Early Childcare Play Equipment Financing Guide

Playgrounds are a vital part of our children’s lives - they provide them with opportunities to play, exercise, socialize, and learn. Financing playground equipment can help provide your facility and community with the opportunity to enhance a child’s playtime without having to worry about the large cost of purchasing new equipment. 

At Simplified Playgrounds we understand the importance of play, and also understand how expensive it can get! That is why we offer financing as an option to help you provide a great play experience for the children of their community. 

Start Enjoying the Benefits of a New Playground Today

Financing allows you to enjoy your new play space today while paying for it over time. 

Financing is a great option that allows you to stretch your budget further. Purchasing play equipment on a financing plan can make it easier to afford monthly payments instead of the total upfront cost. Financing combined with fundraising makes it easier than ever to provide a new play space for your community or facility. 

Playground equipment financing offers several advantages over buying play equipment outright. The main advantage is the ability to spread payments over an agreed-upon term instead of sinking all available capital into the purchase of new equipment. Financing playground equipment has become very common these days. The benefits of financing include lower upfront costs, flexibility, and convenience.

Financing Advantages

  • Easy application
  • Flexible payments tailored to you 
  • More playground equipment for less
  • Play now, pay later

Financing has helped non-profits, schools, daycares, churches, and community associations purchase and enjoy new play equipment. If financing is something you are interested in, you can fill out our contact us form and a Simplified Playgrounds expert will reach out shortly.

Ready To Get Started?

Reach out to us and we'll be happy to answer any additional questions you may have. We're here to make the process of purchasing and installing new daycare play equipment painless and easy.

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